Breathe new life into tired machines

Modern PC's and Laptops are high-end, high cost and hard working appliances. They also have an limited lifetime in terms of newer, faster technology and software updates. Files keep getting larger, and the demand on productivity is constantly on the rise.  Upgrading your current PC or Laptop with an SSD or Solid State Disk, you could improve performance by up to 300%. Files open instantly, you reboot faster, Office programs start quicker. It is the single most powerful upgrade available 

SSD power usage

Better than new

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Included in every upgrade is a full system backup, sent with the upgraded machine on the previous (existing) hard drive. Using our innovative migration technique, the new machine is word for word the identical clone of the original, complete with software licences and user data. Emails, documents etc... are all intact. It looks just like your machine, but up to 300% faster*

What happens next?

Once stock has been secured, we arrange for collection and upgrading. Depending on the service selected (overnight or standard) a time is set and work begins. You will have your newly upgraded and improved machine either next day or within 2-3 days once collected.